Income Tax Department Launches Mobile App for Annual Information Statement (AIS) View


Income Tax Department is pacing with technology and now it has launched mobile application for AIS view. Now the taxpayer can view AIS within a click. The assessee can also provide feedback on information reflecting in AIS. The application launched is totally free of cost.

AIS is Annual Information Statement in which Significant Financial transactions are reflected. It includes GST Turnover, GST Purchases, Income in which TDS is deducted, Purchase and Sale of Mutual Funds and Shares, refunds received and other reporting transactions.

The taxpayer has to download the mobile app and verify it with otp send on email and mobile. They can set 4 digit password and track all the details in AIS/TIS.

AIS can also be tracked by logging into income tax e-filing account. The Department is maintaining consistency with the details in portal and mobile app.


Government has shaken hands with technology and wants to widen the tax base. It is taking every useful step through which it can curb tax evasion. Mobile is easy to use and handy. The taxpayer may find it difficult to log into portal and find details in AIS. Therefore, Govt has launched mobile app so that every businessman gets handy summary of his significant financial transactions and he can pay tax timely and also take timely financial decisions.


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