ICAI CA Exams November 2020: Why ICAI wants CA Students to Opt-Out? Or Does ICAI really care for CA Students?

From the past two to three months now, the ICAI consistently claiming just one thing – Everything is under control. The ICAI always claims that they are fully prepared to conduct the CA Exams.

Earlier, the Nov. 2020 CA Exams were to happen from 1st Nov. 2020 onwards. That schedule was also changed just a few days before the examination date i.e. 1st Nov. 2020.

The ICAI and all their Central Council Members (CCMs) were as always beating their chests that they would certainly take the examinations. But ironically just after the next few days the same ICAI and their same CCMs take a complete U-Turn and announced the postponement.

But the question here is that why ICAI always keeps everyone waiting until the last moments? I know it is their moral duty to conduct the exams. But if they are so committed towards their moral responsibilities then Shouldn’t they be more prepared and planned for it, unlike their opt-out window case where even no clarification has been issued yet.

Recently, the ICAI is yet again following the same modus operandi. They are just consistently clarifying about the Nov. 2020 attempt. At the same time, they have issued an opt-out window with unclear guidelines and unscheduled alternate exams also.

There is absolutely no clarity about the opt-out window and what will happen to students if they are opt-out. Jan/Feb. 2021 attempt has been announced but the schedule is not known. Even nothing is known about that Jan/Feb 2021 attempt.

At the same time, they all are just consistently putting pressure on one thing that Nov. 2020 exams will happen as per schedule. Is it really their concern about the students?? OR they themselves are not very clear about the Nov. 2020 CA Exams and indirectly want students to opt-out? Unwillingly, I have to agree with the latter option, and here is why:

1. Issue of Exam Centers:

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is saying that there are a sufficient number of exam centers available. But at the same time, when the students, their guardians are calling/confirming with the exam centers, many exam centers are denying that there are no exams there.

Many exam centers have been fallen into the containment zones. Even the ICAI itself accepted this fact and issue the announcement that students can notify such cases.

This clearly shows that the ICAI has a crisis for the exam centers. If the majority of the students opt-out of the November exams, it would be very easy for the ICAI to manage the center issues.

2. To ease the pressure from the students:

The CA students were consistently demanding the Postponement of CA exams further. Consequently, the ICAI has to issued the opt-out window just to ease the immense pressure coming from the CA Students. But, the opt-out window was a totally unplanned move. There is still no proper guidelines on it. The same was the case with Jan/Feb 2021 alternate exams.

The students are not satisfied with the measures taken by the ICAI to ease the situation and therefore they have again started the trend #icaiexamspostponement. Now, the ICAI wants the students to be engaged in something else. And that’s why they are consistently reminding students that exam dates are approaching and therefore who want to opt-out, it’s the TIME. If the majority of the students opt-out, their demand for #icaiexamspostponement will automatically be settled.

3. To Manage the exam itself:

The Jan/Feb 2021 exam schedule has not been announced yet. The Nov. 2020 CA Exams are still very uncertain. So, both the attempts (viz. Nov. 2020 and Jan/Feb 2021) are somewhat uncertain.

Therefore, ICAI is mulling that if the majority of the students opt-out from the November exams then the November 2020 exams itself be canceled and merged with the Jan/Feb 2021 exams.

But, if the majority of the students continue with the November 2020 exams then Jan/Feb 2021 exams be canceled and merged with the May 2021 exams. 


The ICAI is our professional body and we all respect it very much. But at this point in time, the ICAI certainly needs to do more to ease the situation.

First of all, IT MUST ESTABLISH THE DIALOGUE WITH ITS STUDENTS. There are many mediators who are reaping huge benefits out of this crisis. If the ICAI itself establishes direct contact with its students that will the best thing to tackle such a thing.

Also, all the detailed clarification must be issued so that students can actually feel that Yes, ICAI is actually doing what it says. Believe me, your sympathetic tweets or even announcement won’t ease the situation. ICAI must need to act as soon as possible.

At the same time, I would urge all my fellow CA students to please DO NOT OPT-OUT FROM NOV. 2020 EXAMS UNTIL THE ICAI CLARIFY EVERYTHING. Consider opting out only when the ICAI clarify its actual stand.


Article Written By: Malvika Singh

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Malvika Singh

Malvika Singh

I am a CA Final Student.

2 thoughts on “ICAI CA Exams November 2020: Why ICAI wants CA Students to Opt-Out? Or Does ICAI really care for CA Students?

  • November 13, 2020 at 10:34 pm

    Thanks for presenting actual situation
    Chlo koi to h bacho k favour mein….

  • November 18, 2020 at 8:26 pm

    ICAI should take utmost care while fixing the exam centre. Considering the current pandemic situation to minimize the travel of the candidates the exam centre should be within five kms. from the residence, especially for metro cities. The authority of ICAI are not at all professional approach.


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