ICAI CA Exams November 2020: Enough of Mental Pressure for CA Students, 3 days before exams ICAI keep on issuing exam notification

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has yet again issued a notification for the change in the examination centers. The examination for Nov. 2020 attempt is to start from 21st Nov. 2020 and yet we are getting notifications every other day.

The ICAI was from the very beginning consistently saying the same thing that, “ICAI is fully prepared to conduct the exams”. Then why we have to check the notifications every single day even when the exams are just 3 days away. This clearly shows How well the ICAI is prepared for conducting the exams!

Today, the ICAI has changed the 30 examination centers to new locations. Now a few days back all the central council members were suggesting that CA Student turn off their phones and concentrate on their studies.

Now suppose, if I am totally off the phone and meanwhile our beloved ICAI changed the exam center and we get to know about it on the last day, then how traumatic our situation will be!

That not all, the ICAI even after issuing the notification on 17th Nov. 2020, once again changed some centers through sending emails to the students. Now, this is even more horrible. Even you can’t rely on the official notification as well and you have to consistently keep on checking your registered phone and email as well. Wow! Interestingly, a few days back the ICAI was suggesting students be Professional. Now, the hell what is going on within the ICAI, IS THAT PROFESSIONAL?

Apart from all this, there are many many questions that have still not been answered by the ICAI. I have earlier also tried to raise such questions. But some of our over-intellectuals student/CA Official started targeting me that they are getting disturbed with my articles. That was hypocrisy to the next level!

Still, I would yet again try to raise some of the queries which I believe have not been answered so far and it MUST BE answered as soon as possible.

1. Detailed Clarification on the Opt-Out window:

Now, this one question has been asked by so many students on various platforms but the ICAI still keeps mum. No answer has been given so far. It’s been 10 days since the opt-out window has been opened. Even after the 10 days of the opening of the opt-out option, ICAI doesn’t care to issue details announcement in this regard.

2. Exam Schedule for Jan/Feb 2021 Exams:

Apart from the opt-out window, the CA Students have been consistently asking about the details of the Jan/Feb 2021 exams. But the ICAI chose not to answer on this important doubt too!

Many students want to opt-out but as they are not sure whether the exams will happen in Jan/Feb 2021 or not, they are in big confusion.

Instead of clarifying things up, the ICAI is unnecessarily making promises and telling students that YES, Exams in Jan/Feb will happen. But when? It is absolutely unclear.

3. Details about the MHA Clarification on Admit Cards E-Pass:

This issue has totally been forgotten by the ICAI. During the Supreme Court hearing, the ICAI mentioned that it would seek the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) permission for considering CA Exams admit cards as E-Pass.

This E-pass will help free movement of CA Students. It will also work as the local id and students who are coming from other states can stay using their admit cards.

But once the court case is over, the ICAI has, as always, forgotten the Students. No clarification has been issued in this regard so far.

4. Exam Center related issues:

In the past, the ICAI denied all allegation which was going around regarding the examination centers. Now, when the exams are about to happen, the ICAI itself committed that there were definitely some issues with the centers and that’s why they were forced to change the 30 exam centers.

Now, what kind of management is this? They are not ready to accept the real issues, not listening to the students even when they are speaking facts with evidence not they are not giving any clarification. All they are doing is just making hollow promises, EXAMS WILL BE AS PER SCHEDULE (no matter how)!

5. Safety Issues:

The way ICAI is handling the exam management, the safety of students has now been an even bigger question. It will be a 24 days long exam (from 21st Nov. to 14th Dec 2020) and around 4 to 5 lakhs students will appear in the ICAI exams.

The SOP/Guidelines issued on the exams does not say anything about the ICAI responsibility for students’ safety. It mentions only the students’ own responsibility for their own safety.

A similar kind of undertaking has been taken while downloading the Admit Cards for Nov. exams that say students themselves will be liable for their safety. Now, please tell me, why the students won’t be worried about their safety when the ICAI is forcing students to agree on such terms?

6. Huge Crowd at exam centers:

ICAI is saying that it will be conducting CA Exams at 1100 centers. The student appearing at the exam center on any day won’t go beyond 2 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs. That means per day maximum students on any center won’t go beyond somewhere around 200 to 250 students.

Okay! But in this number ICAI does not count the exam official, the guardians who will be coming with the students, even those rickshaw-walas who will be gathering outside the exam centers when the exam will be over. Therefore, managing the huge gathering during the exams as well as at the time of leaving the exam centers will also be very challenging. And, YES, Corona is still not gone (and obviously it’s not a Flu!).


Being a CA Student, I have been consistently trying to raise the issues the CA Students are facing. I am just consistently demanding one thing from the ICAI and that is CLARIFICATION!

I never asked that the ICAI should postpone/cancel the CA Exams instead I always support the conduct of the exams. But the way ICAI is handling the situation actually concerns me and that why I need assurance and clarification from the ICAI only. And, I believe that ICAI is very well worthy of doing this. Just set aside your ego and think of us as your own children. Maybe that will help you in taking measures.

As far as students are concerned, I would request to each one of your to PLEASE DO NOT OPT-OUT FROM THE EXAMS. If the ICAI is able to take the exams, we are able to appear in that but opting-out simply won’t be helpful.

Thanks for reading. Good Luck!

Article Written By: Malvika Singh

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Malvika Singh

Malvika Singh

I am a CA Final Student.

11 thoughts on “ICAI CA Exams November 2020: Enough of Mental Pressure for CA Students, 3 days before exams ICAI keep on issuing exam notification

  • November 17, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    Very well written article depicting the mind set of each and every student at this point of time and the mental stress and trauma that they are undergoing ..
    ICAI being an esteemed institution should not take decision keeping their ego first and safety concerns second..
    Moreover I read today isa eligibility test was cancelled and postponed till any further information..

  • November 17, 2020 at 10:10 pm

    As a student even I have been trying to reach out to the concerned authorities of the Institute through mail and twitter seeking clarifications regarding procedures in place if any student or any of their family members will be tested positive of COVID-19 after the student has writen one or more paper; procedure in place if invigilator is tested positive for COVID-19; procedure in place for candidates who will have cold, cough etc, other than fever; procedure in place if the exam centre turns out to be containment zone; exam n date of results of Jan/Feb exams as students who unfortunately doesn’t clear that exam will lose out an attempt in May 2021. But, I haven’t received any reply. These are some of the important questions that needs to be addressed and clarified.

  • November 17, 2020 at 10:46 pm

    Yes we all facing the pain…..
    I can only know the information about exams through ICAI, but behind that what’s actually going on I get to know only by the social media….all the info u provided may be right….you are trying to help many students by sharing the info…..I can’t have a direct conversation with ICAI to get clarity on the exams,actually I have to thank you but instead of doing that I am requesting u not to help us on this sensitive issue till 21st. Let the things get happen….hope u understand dear.
    Good luck for the exams if going to happen!!!!

  • November 18, 2020 at 6:19 am

    Sir in this situation is it necessary to write the exam why the institute not come forward to realise the Live of the students after come out from the covid 19
    We have plenty of time to write the exam
    No person from the institute is bathered about the mental agony the students. whether going to write the exam or not sir postpone the exam please

  • November 18, 2020 at 6:31 am

    Don’t back down my friend, you have been doing a great job and the points that you have raised regarding checking their notifications while preparing for the examinations is just enough to show how uncertain they are on their own decisions!

  • November 18, 2020 at 8:21 am

    Yesterday ICAI released notification about the change of the centre. But today again I received a mail from Icai that my Centre has been changed again twice. This is enough mental pressure. We are unable to concentrate properly on our exams because of Covid and other than that ICAI has been releasing notifications about the exam just before exam everytime since may attempt .And what they expect from us like nothing is going on just keep your focus on study. But they are giving us a heart attack everytime they release new notifications.

  • November 18, 2020 at 8:31 am

    U have raised questions.. but do u have any solutions better than ICAI.. if u actually have alternatives instead of just raising questions things would be better…
    1. If ICAI does not change the centers subsequently falling in containment zones will that be right
    2. E Pass is no longer applicable as inter state movement is now free
    3. What more information do u require on opt out scheme
    4. It would be premature to release Jan/Feb dates now as they need to first see how this exam goes… they are also dealing with covid for the first time
    5. ICAI cannot stop ur guardians and auto drivers from gathering outside.. they do not have such dictatorial powers
    6. Ur safety will always be ur responsibility NO ONE CAN TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR UR SAFETY

    • November 18, 2020 at 5:01 pm

      Well said..!!! ๐Ÿ™‹
      People who are giving reason of covid are the same who were enjoying the dusherra in the crowd.. ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜น
      (situation may vary from city to city)

  • November 18, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    Whether icsi will give extra attempts for old syllabus student since it was said that may 2020 was the last attempt for ipcc old course and Nov 2020 will be the last attempt for ca final old syllabus students… in this pandemic where nothing is certain, it more pressuring for old syllabus students that if they don’t clear they would PROBABLY quit the ca course or convert in to the new syllabus which is heart breaking as it will require more effort to prepare for everything afresh or from the beginning… the institute should once again think upon this and come up with some solutions and issue a notification on this which will provide some relief for the students who are preparing for this attempt and are overpressurised for clearing as this would be the last attempt.

    • November 18, 2020 at 11:37 pm

      Ruined diwali as well as the guest relations.


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