ICAI CA Exams November 2020: Are CA Exams Really Going to Happen from 21st Nov 2020? Here are some unsolved doubts and answer to them

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) exams are scheduled to happen from the next week i.e. 21st Nov. 2020. But the ongoing doubts, rumors about exams have led students into an even more confusing situation.

The CA Students are really panicking now which are understandable also. But, here are something which is not so understandable. And, that is the much-needed clarification on various issues which is yet to be clarified from the ICAI’s end.

Unless these things are clarified the situation of both the exams viz. Nov. 2020 CA Exams and Jan/Feb 2021 exams will remain DOUBTFUL.

I very well agree that they are taking some steps for the welfare of the students. The step of allowing alternate exams for the opted-out students was the Best so far. But unfortunately, that too has been trivialized as the students are doubting the possibility of the Alternate Exams itself.

I personally believe that students are correct to a certain extent. As the ICAI is yet to announce the detailed guidelines on the opt-out and various questions attached with it, the students doubt on the ICAI is REASONABLE.

I will like to put here some of the very important queries specifically linked with this opt-out scheme which need immediate attention and answer as well. Here are a few of the questions:

1. Clarification on the last attempt of the CA Old Students. Now, this one query alone has many sub-queries like what if students choose to appear in Jan/Feb? What if the student directly appears in May 2021? What if students attempt one group in Nov. and then opt-out to Jan/Feb OR May 2021?

2. Clarification on the issue of the Results: Will Nov. 2020 exams result and Jan/Feb exams result will be issued together? If not, then at what time the results of Jan/Feb 2021 shall be issued? What will be the effect on the exemptions? Will the timing of the results of Jan/Feb exams will postpone the May 2021 attempt as well?

3. Will the student be allowed to change the exams centers if they opt for Jan/Feb. 2021 exams?

4. What will happen if any student from a particular exam center is found covid positive during the exam days?

Look, there is a huge list of the question and doubts and even I personally tried to analyze and clarify to the students as much as I can. But the detailed and official announcement is the need of the hour.

Now, here some people could even suggest that these are nothing to do with the students and let ICAI handle all this. Students should JUST FOCUS ON STUDIES. I just want to ask one thing here, if someone is making a decision about you and you yourself are not allowed to speak, Will that be fair? It is exactly the same situation.

CA students have faith in the ICAI and as far as studies are concerned CA students are literally known for this. So, giving lectures on focus, study, concentration won’t help. Instead, this needs to be sorted out in detail. And I am 100% sure about this that ICAI is very well capable of that.

Now, here I would also like to put some points from the ICAI’s end that why the ICAI is hesitating the issuing any clarification/notification. And believe me, their reasons are equally important. 

You all must have seen from last one-two years now that there has been a trend of criticizing ICAI. Even many people are making huge benefits from this one thing. Many people are acting like Students’ sympathizers (obviously some are absolutely genuine, but many are not) and promising students that they won’t let ICAI suppress the students. So no matter what action ICAI takes, they will find a way to criticize it.

Now, here I am not saying that ICAI has been very good with the students. There have been very many issues in the past and even some very serious also. And because of that, the ICAI is now facing this situation. The ICAI itself had been responsible for all this trouble which it is facing today.

If today ICAI issues any kind of announcement, there will be certainly hue and cry. It is because the ICAI has always taken students very lightly and this attitude even looks in their announcement.

They issue an announcement under pressure but forgot to prepare the guidelines. And worst of all it is yet not prepared. Like seriously?? Are you taking this thing personally???

This attitude has to be changed! There are actually drawbacks in the ICAI systems and which MUST NEEDS ATTENTION. Otherwise, people will take the benefit out of your faults and ICAI will just look like a frustrated kid!

I know I might be being a bit raw here but this is the harsh reality. I love my ICAI but it does hurt me the way they are working these days. They never dare to face the situation. They always act REACTIVELY. These things must be addressed.

Here I would like to put some point which I think the ICAI must take into consideration:

1. Establish Communication with the Students:

Now, when I am saying communication that does not mean those staged webinars. I believe they all know very well what questions students are asking on a daily basis. No matter how hard it may be, ICAI must face it and answer these all queries in a realistic manner (unlike a Sarkari Babu type!). 

2. Provide relaxation to students on various issues:

If you really think you are working for the welfare of the students then show it also. Fake tweets won’t help. Provide relaxations in the exam fees, provide relaxation in the old attempt expiry, provide relaxation on articleship leaves, also increase the stipend of the articles (the one poor labor!). These are the issues that have been forgotten by the ICAI completely.

3. Issues detailed Clarification on every doubtful case:

Issue the detailed clarification on all the question which is being asked through various platforms. Provide certainty in your announcements. Everyone knows that you guys know but you are simply ignoring the real issues. Change this attitude.

Once, these things will be there the people who are trying to manipulate the situation will automatically be eliminated. But for that ICAI has to show some spine! And I know ICAI can do all this very easily and comfortably if they want to.

Lastly, just one request to the students, your stands are also very valid (as I mentioned earlier). Even your all doubts and uncertainty on the Jan/Feb 2021 attempt is also very true. But dear friends all these things do not change the fact that you can pass only when you prepare.

So, please keep on preparing for the exams. And unless the ICAI issue the complete details about the opt-out scheme don’t opt-out!

Good Luck with the exams. Thank you!

Article Written By: Malvika Singh

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Malvika Singh

Malvika Singh

I am a CA Final Student.

7 thoughts on “ICAI CA Exams November 2020: Are CA Exams Really Going to Happen from 21st Nov 2020? Here are some unsolved doubts and answer to them

  • November 14, 2020 at 1:41 pm

    Absolutely right.

    • November 15, 2020 at 6:21 pm

      If you were studying you would not have gotten time for all these doubts

  • November 14, 2020 at 2:56 pm

    Hello myself Sandip an giving nov2020 ca foundation but ..
    On my admit card there is provisional card..due to didn’t upload 12 pass thatksheet so what wl I do now plszzzz

  • November 14, 2020 at 6:55 pm

    Very Well Articulated Malvika !!!
    With Just a week to go for the exam,
    Uncertainty doesn’t seem to end here !!
    There has to be clarification on everything you mentioned above .
    Exams must be held after considering the stake of all those involved in it !!!
    Happy Deepawali !!!!

  • November 14, 2020 at 11:32 pm

    In current situation corona now increase so request to icai postpone exam

  • November 15, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    Many people usually have cold during this season even i have since weather the change in weather… Are we allowed to enter the centre with the cold ?

  • November 15, 2020 at 11:04 pm

    Now we just trust our ICAI and prepare well for our exams.. Even I have cold.. Hope it might go before our exams.. All the best to all.. Just concentrate on writing exams…


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